Refrakt Premium

Refrakt is independently funded by Sam and some of our early Patrons, however we also offer a Premium subscription to help us build and maintain Refrakt. It covers the costs of running the platform, and allows us to follow the path of truly becoming a sustainable business that's around for the long term. You also get some nice perks!

Refrakt Premium is totally optional, but the support is greatly appreciated! If you're a student or educator, get in touch and we can offer discounts.

Free account

  • Unlimited posts

  • 15MB uploads

  • 30 posts per Series


  • Unlimited posts

  • 50MB uploads

  • 250 posts per Series

  • Premium badge on your profile

Enhanced profiles, subscriptions, store fronts, and more coming soon.


  • All premium features

  • Early access to new features

  • Shout out on Search and Discovery features

  • The nice feeling of supporting a small independent company!