A more meaningful home for photography

Show off the work you’re proud of

Minimal distractions, no cropping. Refrakt focuses on making your work look it’s best.

Desktop first, but looks great anywhere

See photos the way they were meant to be seen, and discover new details, no matter the device.

A social space for photography lovers

Prompt discussions and give people props. Genuine interactions, no vanity metrics.

Discussion prompt

How do you feel when you photograph abandoned spaces like this?

Give props for this post

Love it!
So good!
Great composition
Nice tones
Very moving

Algorithm and ad-free

Chronological feeds with the option to curate your own, all without ever seeing an ad.

Custom feeds coming soon


Features we love

Great photography, everywhere

Enjoy high resolution images on any device with a web browser. From your computer, to your phone.

Community without vanity

Leave behind comparisons and say hello to intentional interactions and discussion prompts.

Control your experience

Chronological by default. Curate your feed by following others, or dip into the global feed.

Equipment and film feeds

Love Portra 400? Looking for a new lens? We have EXIF powered feeds, including film stocks and scanners.

Collaborate and curate

Collectives let you group up around a topic or theme, publicly or privately. Create or curate work together. Coming very soon.

Projects and zines

Photography isn’t always about one-off images. Organize your photos and thoughts into Series.

Pin your favorites

Keep your favorite work at the top of your profile to showcase what you’re most proud of.

No ads, no algorithms

We care about your privacy. We won’t sell your data because we don’t collect it!

Staying safe

We offer all the safety features you’d expect from a modern platform like muting, blocking and reporting, as well as strong Community Guidelines.

Shaping Refrakt

Not just built for you, but built with you. Make suggestions to our Roadmap directly.

Why Refrakt?

Refrakt is independent and self-funded. We answer only to our community.

We're committed to building a great platform for those who enjoy the art of photography, whether that's photographers themselves, curators, agencies, collectors, and anyone in-between.

The goal is to create a sustainable business that can support itself, but most importantly, one that can truly support photographers.

The platform

Refrakt is a platform where your images are shown without compromise, where you retain ownership and copyright of the work you share, and where you are supported and valued by other photographers.

There are no ads, vanity metrics, or recommendation algorithms. It's a quieter place to form meaningful connections with other photographers, and to inspire you to get out and make your best work. A place where community reigns over algorithms.

The team

Refrakt is currently a one-person operation. Sam is doing engineering, design, support, and everything else in between! We would love to get to a point where we can hire a small team to help build and grow Refrakt, but for now, we're staying small.

The runway

We're taking possibly the hardest but most rewarding path to funding.

Refrakt will never have advertising. It will never sell your data or your attention. Instead, we're relying on the support of our users to help keep things going, and ensure the longevity of the platform. We'll do this through subscriptions, both user to user, and optionally user to platform.

Our only customers will be the people who use Refrakt. This model means that we're motivated to build a platform that you truly get value from.

Right now, we're self-funded and have runway for at least 24 months.

What do you say?

If you feel like Refrakt could be your new home for photography, we'd love for you to join us on this journey!