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Reporting content

Making your experience safer on Refrakt

A screenshot of the "Report and issue" modal that shows options for why you want to report a piece of content.

The new issue reporting modal for a post

We want to foster a kind community on Refrakt, however there are always things that slip through the cracks. We've added a way for you to report content you see on Refrakt that goes against our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

These are the categories you can add a report for:

  • Spam: Unrelated to photography or Refrakt, or otherwise spam.

  • Harassment or Abuse: Considered harmful to yourself or others.

  • Sexual Content: Nudity or pornography that is not labelled as such.

  • Copyright Violation: Contains copyrighted material that is not properly attributed.

  • Illegal and Urgent: Glaring violations of law or Terms of Service.

  • Other: An issue not included in these options.

You can also provide some additional context alongside these options, for example more information on copyright violations etc.

It's available for posts right now, but we'll be rolling it out to other content types shortly.

Thankfully everyone here is great and we haven't had any violations yet, and we'd love to keep it that way! So thank you for already being kind and conscious of others.


  • We've massively increased the page speed of post detail pages when linked to directly. They're statically rendered so they're super fast, and they get re-rendered when changes are made such as a title or description change.

  • We've added a new even faster version of the homepage for logged out users. It doesn't update in realtime, but every 10 minutes or so. This is great for people curious about Refrakt, and search engines etc.

  • If a post is part of a series, we now show a link to the series in the post detail view.

  • We've improved the error handling for various parts of the site. This helps us get better visibility on when things break and how. This should mean fewer bugs and faster times to resolve them.

  • We've left behind the wordmark version of the logo in favour of the icon type logo in the app. We want fewer distractions when using the site. We'll still use the wordmark in branding outside of the app, so it's not gone forever!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would allow creating a post while an error was present with the image upload.

  • Fixed a bug where replacing an image when creating a new post would actually post the previous image you selected.

  • Fixed a bug that would duplicate tags on a post.

  • Fixed a bug that caused roadmap issue votes to not be recorded correctly.

  • Fixed a bug that would incorrectly redirect you to the wait list.

  • Fixed a bug with the shareable invite page that would prevent people from signing up, even if they had a valid link.

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